Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7am -­ 7pm and Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am – ­5 pm. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9am­ – 5pm and it is between these times you can call to schedule your reservations. Please leave us a voicemail if no one answers, we are either on the other line or back with the pups!

We are not open for pick up or drop off on all major holidays.

Please refer to the home page on our website and click on the Registration tab. For boarding and daycare clients, please fill out the Registration Form and the Off-Leash Application, read and sign the Cottage Rules and Policies and read and sign the Boarding/Daycare Agreement. Remember to include your payment information on the agreement or you can call us with that information as well. For grooming only clients, click on the Registration tab of our web site and fill out the Registration Form, read and sign the Cottage Rules and Policies and read and sign the Grooming Agreement Form. You can also print out and fax them to 781-662-3931.

In summary, we will need from you three or four completed documents and one from your vet- your pups’ most recent vaccination and physical examination record. Last but not least, our new boarding and daycare clients will need to be evaluated over the course of a full day of daycare. Once your dog passes our eval, you are free to make future boarding and daycare reservations. Please call our office at 781-662-3939 to get signed up!

To participate in boarding and daycare, we require proof that your pup is up to date on its Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations along with proof of a negative fecal exam performed within the last year. For grooming dogs that are not interested in participating in our daycare, we only require up to date Rabies and Distemper.
No, we do not. However, that does not mean certain exceptions may apply.
Yes, but only to dogs living in Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and the South End. We have two van stops, one at the post office on Charles Street at 8am, returning at 5:30pm. Another at Cheers on Beacon St at 8:15am, returning at 5:45pm. We also offer door-­to-­door services in these neighborhoods.

Transportation is not provided on major holidays or in the event of a snow storm.

Sorry! We do not groom cats.
Please refer to our Grooming Agreement. With all matted scenarios, we contact you with a plan of action.
No, we divide our packs by size and temperament. We have a small dog arena and a large dog arena in addition to a k-9 turf outdoor space. We also have the ability to create a separate playgroup for very small toy breeds and seniors.
Please refer to our Dogwood Cottage Rules and Policies document located under the Registration tab of our web site.
Of course! Tours are scheduled by appointment and performed by one of the owners, either Lindsey or Heidi. Please call the office to set yours up!
Our dogs are on a very active schedule that exceeds each and every dog’s daily wants and needs! We are very excited to be putting to use our skills learned from the Dog Gurus. Your pup will receive physical and mental stimulation, personal one-on-one interaction and attention as well as a time of well deserved rest and relaxation.
We offer packages for daycare and boarding. Please call the office for further inquiries.
Please refer to the Cottage Rules and Policies.
Due to the small scale of our business, we suggest you book well in advance, especially during the summer break, the holiday season, and long holiday weekends.
Yes, as long as they have been authorized and our staff has been notified by you.
Yes and No. We will only take your pup off the premises as a special services request. We offer 30 or 60 minute hikes! Also, please ask about the incredible array of special services we are thrilled to provide.

*Please note that these are merely general Q and A’s. First and foremost, we ask that you thoroughly read our agreements and forms and never hesitate to pick up the phone and call the office. We are eager to answer your questions or inquiries!