Kennel Cough: Be Aware, Be Prepared

Kennel Cough: Be Aware, Be Prepared

Spring is officially here! And with the warmer temps comes kennel cough…

Kennel cough, is a HIGHLY contagious respiratory infection, and can spread quickly and easily. Similar to the human cold virus, kennel cough can be transmitted when a sick animal coughs, by direct contact with an infected animal, or by the sharing of contaminated objects, such as a water bowl. It spreads rapidly when dogs are in a pack; senior dogs and puppies are at greatest risk of contracting it.

Kennel cough causes a persistent, nonproductive cough that may sound as if something is caught in your pet’s throat or like they are gagging or trying to clear their throat, it has also been described as a deep honking cough.

Symptoms usually develop three to ten days after exposure to an infected animal. If you think your dog may have kennel cough, see your veterinarian as soon as possible, and please do not bring your dog into daycare if you suspect he or she may have contracted the virus.

Here’s a link to an article for more information!

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