Together Heidi Barraza and Lindsey Chisholm bring a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to the pet care industry. As the previous owner of the dog boutique, Four Preppy Paws, Heidi has 14 years in the pet industry working in petcare, manufacturing and retail.  Lindsey Chisholm has 10 years in the pet industry and grew up with nine adopted dogs. Her experience in shelters and with pet adoption fueled her passion for pet care. She graduated from Massachusetts School of Law, where she focused on animal rights and environmental protection.

Lindsey and Heidi bring the best personalized pet care in the business through the implementation of nationally recognized training programs and software including Petexec, Masterplan Petcare and The Dog Gurus. These tools allow Dogwood to provide a comprehensive training program for every staff member and a directed play curriculum that ensures every dog receives physical and mental stimulation throughout the day.