The “Scoop” at Dogwood

The “Scoop” at Dogwood

Ongoing Education

This week, Lindsey and I participated in a webinar on Effective Communication. As an alumni of Emerson College with a BA in Marketing and Communications, I was instantly brought back to the communication skills I learned while sitting in Emerson’s classrooms. I was reminded of how much there is to learn and relearn as we travel through life, and the importance of growth and development when it relates to our work.

Over the past several years, Lindsey and I have placed a great deal of emphasis on ongoing education at Dogwood. Ours was a two-pronged approach:

One, our dogs and clients will greatly benefit from a well informed staff. Our training program was designed in collaboration with The Dog Gurus, a petcare industry consultancy business, and covers everything from breed groups, body language, pack play management and animal behavior. In addition, our attendants learn to follow a daily curriculum that keeps our staff and pack fully engaged both mentally and physically.

Two, by creating a hiring strategy that focuses on on-boarding people that truly want to learn and develop, we are able to provide more than just a job. Ongoing education, certificate programs, and further training not only benefits our business it helps our team build knowledge and skills that can be utilized here, but can also be taken with them to future jobs in the petcare field.

Learning shouldn’t stop past schooling, by investing in our people we are investing in ourselves, and our clients and our dogs are the beneficiaries!

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